Project 52-12 #3: Striped

This week’s on striped(haha, and finally when I posted the link to Sari’s blog I noticed it was the topic “lined” or “ruled” and not quite stiped :D Hopefully it’s okay with that!)  Now I finally found out, that all the participants can choose of the 4 topics, which one is shot in which week by themselfs ;D And I thought there was a “strict” order, whatever… “This” week I chose “striped”… And when I finally finished the picture of my first felt-knitted striped(!) slippers I decided to chose them :)

I always wanted to knit slippers like these and finally I made it! I am so proud that I am knitting so much these days! Now I know what I can do better so the next pair of slippers will be more perfect :)

The picture, btw shows the slippers right after knitting and right after washing (they shrink like 30%)

Yesterday in the evening I finished my first felt-knitted hat and now I just have to through it into the washing machine and see what comes out of it! I am very excited!



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4 responses to “Project 52-12 #3: Striped

  1. Lu

    Your slippers are awesome, especially the shape! They look so comfy! :)

  2. thank you, sweety :) but the next ones I would do otherwise still… and mine are a little too big, have to throw them again in the washing machine ;)

  3. love your slippers, a little big, but what the heck ;)

  4. thanks, and yeah: what the heck ;) love your blog!

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