Vegan Recipe #2: Rice & Shine

The first time I give a recipe of mine a name: “Rice & Shine”. I was so hungry for it all day, I had it on my mind and then I just had to cook it right after work. It is a kind of curry with coconut milk, green squash, tofu and rice to tell you the main ingredients right on the start.


-1 cup of rice (took basmati)

-some tofu

-1 green squash

-1 carott

– 1 can ok coconut milk

-sundried tomatos

-garlic paste

-thai paste (took yellow)

-indian spicery like curry and curcuma

– salt, pepper, chili


Start with the rice, it takes the same time as preparing the vegetables. Take 1 cup of rice for 2 persons, let water boil in the kettle (it is saving energy) and then pour it into a pot, add some salt and the rice.

Now to the main menu: Cut the tofu into pieces and roat it gently in peanut oil.

When it is finished give the cut green squash to the tofu and roast it also, after a few minutes the cut carotts and dried tomatos as well.

Let them all roast in the pan and after a more few minutes pour the coconut milk into the pan, let it simmer.

When it is not as fluid as in the beginning add the spiceries. First I took the garlic and the thai paste and then the indian curry mix, salz, pepper and chili. Attention: Be careful using the garilc and thai pastes, they are very hot!

Let it simmer again, taste it, if it is fine you are finsihed and have a great vegan meal :)

Now drain the rice and add it to your meal.

Special hint: Cashews might fit perfectly to this recipe, but unfortunately I didn’t had some at the moment! (Would roast them gently with the vegetables at the beginning)

Have a good one!

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  1. Mmmhhhh….das sieht volll lecker aus – absolut mein Geschmack!! Sowas muss ich bald auch wieder machen!!

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