Sherlock, my Sherlock

Acutally I wrote a song about the greatest brain the world has ever seen… But not because of the series, just because of himself :)



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5 responses to “Sherlock, my Sherlock

  1. Anna-Lisa

    Just saw your comment here: and thought I just look for the answer to my question on your blog. Here it is, I think.

    I mean – oh my goodness! I love Sherlock. It’s so great. Brilliant. Splendid! I really look forward to seeing the 3rd series.

    Ah, BTW: Hufflepuff and proud!

  2. Oh I’m glad I could help you through your Sherlock struggles ;) I love the series, too, and I can’t wait for it… Do you follow the Watson account on twitter? There it kinda continues in someway :)

  3. Anna-Lisa

    Watson has a Twitter account? What’s its name?
    I am just following @TheWhipHand – although I am not sure if it’s fake or ‘real’. By real a mean by someone from BBC. Watson’s account is by BBC?

  4. yes it is. All of the main characters have twitter account, like sherlock, moriarty, molly aso… here is the link to watson’s account :!/WatsonJW have fun! I am also on twitter (who would’ve guessed that???) ;)

    • Anna-Lisa

      Ah, but it sais on the profile page that it is not run by the BBC. Well. ^^ But I am going to check on your Twitter account. And I’ve just noticed that this category is called “stranger than fiction” which obviously is a quot from the ‘real’ Sherlock Holmes. Cool. ^^

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