Vegan repice #1: Special Salad

I always love salads of any kind. And I eat it like all the time as well :) I know, salads aren’t such a special meal but to create it vegan is, for some people, a challenge. So I show you one of my favorites right now.

Ingredients(for 1 very hungry person):

-1 hand full of field salad

-some tofu

-1 small onion

-1 carrot

-1/2 pomegranate

-1/2 Avocado

-sunflower seed


First cut your tofu into pieces and roast it gently with peanut oil (the taste of it fist perfectly to tofu), give it some salt and pepper, when finished lay aside.
Cut the onions into fine pieces and roast them gently, too (you can use them raw as well, but I don’t like it so much).
Cut all of the other ingredients as you like to. Cut the pomegranat into two halfs turn one piece upside down and hammer on it with a knife so that the cores get out (you use them…).

The dressing:

-olive oil

-brandy vinegar

-salt, pepper, some other spices or herbs you like

-mustard (my secret ingredient)

Enjoy your, maybe, first vegan meal!


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2 responses to “Vegan repice #1: Special Salad

  1. Lu

    ohhh, das klingt ja toll!! :) und sieht super aus und das schüsselchen ist wunderhübsch, süße!

  2. leider nicht meine schüssel ;)

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