Waiting for the world to change- I’m CO² neutral

what is this graphic about?

As you proably know, to use the internet we need power and energy. To produce this energy many many many kinds of power houses have to run and they emit CO² which isn’t that good or our environment (and to reduce the emission of CO² they invented nuclear power houses, which is probably (watch out for my cynical tone) more dangerous than the CO² emission.

chemical structure

But what to do against it?

So where was I at the beginning? Right, our use of the internet. So we use the internet day by day, check FB, google, and blogs, blogs, blogs… I can’t reduce the emission of CO² but I can make it better… If I plant a tree… But, I have no land (indeed my parents have some, but I am not able to plant anything right now- I am lazy!)

So… someone else plants a tree for me, for trees (as almost every other plant) convert CO² into, omg chemistry come back to me please… Ok I won’t get it… Plants convert CO² into O² and something more through photosynthesis and we get healthy air again. And who plants a tree for me, these people here: http://www.kaufda.de/umwelt/

We also do reduce the CO² emissions if we eat meat free aka vegetarian and we save even more CO² emission (ca. 7 more) if we live vegan! Did you know that?

I really don’t want to missionaire but you have to think about what you are doing right now, for our planet (plant + e = planet) can’t bear this living any longer.

Think and change :)

“Wer will, dass die Welt bleibt, wie sie ist, will nicht, dass sie bleibt.”

credit: all images I used are from the website: http://www.kaufda.de and http://www.wikipedia.de


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