To-Do-List for 2012

Hello dear readers,

last year I decided to make myself some aims for the year 2011 I wanted to reach or try to, maybe you remember (check out this post). I stared very fast with working on that list, I sew several dresses for myself, learned croaching, traveled to New York City, saw a unknown german city (ok, this point does not really count actually). I learned and bought a new instrument, the Ukulele.

In the month of may I shot one picture a day abouth green things. I also wanted to risk something and I did… And I failed in that but I tried at least and that is the point (but this year I am not gonna risk anything :P)

I didn’t reach: learning skating on a skate board, rcording my songs in a high quality, get rid of thins I do not need plus getting engaged for charity or something like that.

And last but not least: At this time I am cutting myself a coat I am going to sew in a few days/weeks :D

So I aimed 6 things out of 12, I think it is a good rate, but I can raise this! It is good, having goals over a year you want to reach, it is even better, to write them down and hang them on your wall, so you can see them, and checking them is much fun and motivating, too.

So I was thinking the last days what my ames could be this year, of course I have to take some ames I did not reach last year (it sounds strange saying “last year” to 2011), but not all of them.

The list is quite similar to the old one from 2011, I want to do more for my music, I want to travel (this time to sweden and visit my dear friend Veronica in Stockholm), I want to work more creative and I want to eat more vegan (and show you 12 vegan recipes)

And ending this post like the post one year ago I will show you my top ten, but I have to admit, that I’m not listening so much music via or my computer that this list is not really representative.

10. Lykke Li
09. Dredg
08. Thrice
07. Amy Winehouse
06. Portishead
05. Counting Crows
04. William Fitzsimmons
03. Arcade Fire
02. Foo Fighters
01. Beatsteaks

Now as I read the list again it IS representative! I Listened very much to Amy Winehouse after her tragical death, POrtishead after their South Side gig (awesome!!!), and so it was with Arcade Fire. Of course Foo Fighters and Beatsteaks would battle a hard fight, I love both albums, although I like “Wasting Light” a little more. It is such a huge album by Dave and his 4 friends, I can hardly describe what I’m feeling when I’m listening to the album. Each song is really good, but my favorite is “Arlandria” :)

Home is where there’s music.

Oh, I wanted to close the post with these words but now one special song comes to my mind… I simply show you, you probably might know. The first time I heard the song in the “Magnet” Club in Berlin when we were celebrating our friend Lu’s birthday, great evening, great memory plus a great song= perfect <3



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4 responses to “To-Do-List for 2012

  1. Hanna

    Ja zu Amy hast du auch sehr gut gesungen! Flohmarkt ist ne saugeile Idee…

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  3. pete

    wir können mal was im radio rheinwelle studio aufnehmen, da is immer eins frei :)

  4. ;) danke Dir Pete, aber bei euch nehm ich doch auch so gerne auf :P Naja, die Zeit ist es halt, die mir fehlt… Ich muss mal hier nach was suchen… vllt klappts dann ;)

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