Happy Fall!

Hey out there, is it cold where you are? Here it is, although the sun is shining like crazy but it isn’t really warm at all :D I am really happy, we had this great autumn, it was so golden, red, orange, yellow and very little grey and rainy, I think I hadn’t such an amazing autumn since years ;)

So I had much time, spending my weekends outside, some friends visited me, I made some vistis at home, I made something with my friends here and went to the theatre (not in the movies…) and I’ve already seen 4 plays and modern dances and I will go on with that :) (Maybe I will break the record of 26 plays, ballets and operas of the last season…)

I am tired of my hair, what do you think should I do? I prefer dying it partly blonde again to go colourful again like 3 years ago :) But mainly I wanna stay dark. Whihc colours would you prefer?

So, here are some photos I took over the last few weeks, how was your autumn? Did you prepare yourself for winter yet?

As a filter I used my sunglasses

yes, it is chronological… Just that day I took the other photos, I saw the first snow in year on top of a mountain :) (and this little creature was a snowman)

Aileen and Nando visited me on that weekend :)

Christmas Decorations are already up since 2 weeks

Tea equals love

I can’t help myself, but this building kind of reminds of New York

And last but not least: On the next post I will have a nice give away for you, it’s gonna be a CD of a band I really like and some small stuff, too, just to let you know.

Have a great time


PS: My wonderful sister is going to have her final theoretical exams tomorrow morning, in about 10 hours, please wish her the best luck :) Jassi, I love You!


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