DIY: FPBH aka Fabric Printing By Hand

Hello out there!

Yes I am still alive, even if I haven’t postet a real post in weeks… The missing New York post doesn’t count.

So, weeks ago I found a great tutorial on A Beautiful Mess Blog which explains how to print magazine photos or printed pictures on fabric!!! It is amazing how good it works, even my first try looks great, I think! So, I wanted to show you the tutorial on my own but also link to the “maker” of this idea… I don’t really know, if it is her own idea, surely she also read it somewhere else…

So this is how I made it with some little advice by myself.


– Brush (not to small)
– Gel/paste to transfer- I used Liquitex String Gel (it is a trademark from the USA but you can find it on Amazon or if you live in Germany in this shop:
– Picture from Magazine

of course: your image will be mirrored on your fabric, so if you want to print something written, you better scan it and print it mirror inverted

cut the picture as you want it, I cut the picture angular on the edges and paint the gel on your picture (NOT on the other side) – Before you do so: turn on some one-way handgloves, for this gel is very sticky and if it is on your hands you only get rid of it by using benzine or some terpentine

now put the painted picture with the side you want to print on your fabric, but watch out: if you print it on a bag, put something in the bag so you won’t glue the 2 fabric sides together

Lay a heavy book on the picture and let it sleep overnight, or just read the book while waiting :D

after 12 hours (I think 6-8 would be fine) I ironed the picture

no inject water on the picture

and begin to rabble off the picture, be careful but not to careful

the first look, after seeing the result I rabbled one more time and this is what it looked like:

I was curious with the washing, for I want to know if I can print for examples on t-shirts, which I have to wash…

I washed this with the hottest water my spigot could give, and I washed it like I would wash a dirty shirt or so…

of course I was careful but I washed also “realistic”, so I rabbled softly over the image

after washing… (right now in this moment it’s hanging up to dry)

Of course, some parts of the image are a little beaten-up but it is okay I think.

So, if you want to print an image on clothes of yours, you can do so, if you are careful during HANDWASHING :)

Have a geat time, if you try it out don’t hestitate showing here your result!



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One response to “DIY: FPBH aka Fabric Printing By Hand

  1. Lu

    Awesome!!! :) Such a good DIY! <3

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