Ms. Miss

Ok, I nearly tried everything… After I came back I instantly moved to my new place, began working, meeting friends and my family but it’s just not working. I have to admit that finally.

I miss New York like so much, it’s horrible. I was naive thinking after being to New York the wanderlust would shrink but it is not shrinking after all.

Seeing all those pictures of New York, the first snow, the iceskating places, Halloween Parade… I can’t bear seeing any more of those upcoming pictures.

I wanna be there at Thanksgiving, the Christmas- decorated NY, New Years Eve, the New Years Parade, Springtime… But that’s just a phantasy until I make it, staying there for at least 1 year… I just need to find a job or something else to be there and not being the poorest of the poor after all ;)

Do you read me? I don’t feel you anymore…



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2 responses to “Ms. Miss

  1. I hear you.
    Aber nur mal so: leaving wird auch nach einem Jahr nicht besser.

  2. gut, dass du das erwähnst ;) dann kann ich’s ja doch lassen :P

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