NY Day 20: 2nd of September 2011

We made our own Photobooth Photos since the Photobooth which was right next to our table was out of order… More to this later on

“The “Beach””

First signs of autumn <3

Newton would’ve had fun here

In the MET- Instruments Bell and Dorje from Tibet

The MET Kimono Collection <3 (I still want to sew one for me)

My classmates :) Miss you two!

What sports is this? (1st bar in the East Village-actually we wanted to go eat at a japanese place)

Our gorgeous dinner: Nachos with Guacamole, Cree Fraiche and Cheeeeeeese

Samed and his huuuuge sandwich

Anita and me playing the spanish variation of the hand slapping game

Sherry with the taiwanese version of scissor paper stone

bar No.2

I don’t know these guys but they were having fun with a shooting game ;)

after this bar we went to a “Shisha” place to smoke some water pipes and drink Becks :) Getting prepared for Germany.

Huge compass showing me the way home.

One last anecdote: After our long night, after saying goodbye to everybody I wanted to say goodybe to New York… I went via Subway to Grand Central Terminal to see the hall empty without people, but!!!

It was closed! I coulnd’t go through the subway exit to GCT so I went to the street to take the main entry, but!!! It was closed!!! GCT closed from 2am till 5.30 (!!!) Finally I found a public place in the City That Never Sleeps which actually sleeps!

I was so upset, for I really wanted to see the hall again, but actually this is a much better story than showing you the empty hall of Grand Central Terminal I think :)

Goodnight, haha :)



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