NY Day 18: 31st of August

I know guys, I haven’t been writing and blogging since a long time and I wanted to post the NY Diary day by day, I’m sorry… But I had kind of a blog-burn-out, so now I am continuing the diary, only a view days are left.

But still I can’t write and talk and wahtever about the last days… So to cure you only photographs :)

Maybe I didn’t want to bring this to an end for I will recognize that NY time is really over :(

I visited Queens

I always take photographs of old cars for my father

first I only took a photo but then I bought this clock for my friend Jasmin :)

I just wanted to see the big globe and suddenly I was at the US Open :D

Australia <3

Thank you, starnger, for taking this photo, your shadow is still there :)

Some Ancient Greek Hero or so

So sad: At Flushing Meadows, Queens, there was a fountain of the planets… But nowadays there’s only the globe foutain :( I hope they will rebuild it in the future.

Dinner with Jenny, of course she had a Milkshake :)

The best Freedom Fries I’ve ever ever ever had!!! They were very thin, crossy, with fresh herbs and Parmesan cheese <3

We finished our day with The Phantom Of The Opera :)


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