NY Day17: 30th of August 2011

This day was just legendary! Not to say Londonderry =)

In school we had a new teacher and with her the leveltest. After school Jenny and me went finally (whoohoo!) to the American Museum of Natural History- the biggest museum of this kind in the world (and the one Dr. Ross Gellar work at).

wanna have them!

It was so great, although we weren’t able to see the biggest Dinosaur skeleton, because we only paid $1 for entry. This museum-like the MET- gets donations so you are the one deciding how much you wanna pay but you are only able to see the normal exhibtis. Nevertheless it’s still great. “Don’t worry the world biggest dinosaur was not so great” Jenny told me on her postcard to me “No whole fossil, just facts how the body works when something is so big”.

big fake whale

we touched a Dinosaur egg!


we found in the shop: A Dinosaur who wants to become a Ballerina <3 adorable!

Guess of whom I thought of :)

We saw so many great (Oh yeah, good vocabulary, great, great, great) things, I took pictures all over the museum (of course without flash).

After 5pm you get in Chelsea Market at the Shop “The Fat Witch” all “open” Brownies for $1,50 and they are so delicious!!! Yummie

Oreo Cookies were invented here

After that we went to see the sunset at the Highline (one of my favorite spots). I had my ukulele with me and I played some songs, I think some Ting Tings, Kate Nash and one of my own hand.


Maybe from a german artist??? Or why is there written “Betten” on the left?

We waited for the others to call but since we didn’t hear anything Jenny had Pizza at an old NYC Pizza Family place (Familia). We walked up to Times Square, for Francesco texted us to come to his residence (his flight would be just the next day, finally) and there Jenny had her 2nd and I had my 1st dinner. Daniele cooked pasta & made some bruschetta. Unfortunately I was only able to eat the pasta- but thank you man! Because of you I didn’t starve!!! It was awesome! We were many people in their kitchen and it was a nice atmosphere with all these nationalities.

I forgot:

When we walked up to Times Square we found a very, like very long line (I wrote an essay about standing in line) and all of the people were waiting before DC Comics.

It was 9pm and at 12am (I still don’t get it, is it am or pm, well I mean midnigt in New York) they would open it to publish the new DC series- all #1 from the beginning on new written. (I askes Jenny the other day if she could bring me the #1 Wonder Woman comic for I really regret not bought one copy!!! And she got me one :) Thank you so much!!!)

they were also waiting for the writer and the drawer: Geoff Johns and Jim Lee

Me with Supergirl

When we walked by someone called “Hey Jennifer, hey Malin”- it was our teacher Nathan =) Haha.

He was there for some time also standing and waiting. So I told I would come back after dinner and I did. I shot some photos of fans, of peoples in costumes, it was awesome just as like as in Big Bang Theory or HIMYM.(But I had to delte since Highline photos for I hadn’t enough space on my card- forgot to put the old ones down the other day, very stupid of me!)

And another dressed up girl with me… First we were talking about our hair (girls…)

The Boy with the Batman Tattoo (gonna be my next song :P )

Great! (again)

When I went to the subway I met the guys sitting in front of me, who were waiting in front of the store since 11.15 AM!!! So over 12 hours! I talked to them and shot a photo of them, too.

I slept very well after that long day, just like a baby.

Photo of the Day:


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