NY Day 16: August 29th 2011

one of the “big” puddles after Irene (and the only I’ve seen)

and another Irene cause

I am not only catching up with you but with the rest of NYC I wanted to visit. I got up very early like I was at Lower Manhatten at 7.30 am!!! I didn’t want to lose more time than I already had.

<3 Squirrels <3

So I went to LM as I told, Battery Park, South Street, Pier 17 and up to Chinatown. On my way I met many Chinese people doing Tai Chi down by the water =) I also saw a group of women with drums like they were rehearsing for the NYC New Years Parade.

I went by subway to Washington Quare Park to see the chess players, the “Friends” Fountain (boring, it was off) and the Washinton Arch.

I walked up 5th Ave, wanted to see the Mark Twain House but coulnd’t find it, so I saw some buildings of NYU. Went to Strand Book Store (so great! If you love books, go there!)

whales+fiction= <3


funny, i also have all of them :)

Also to Union Square Market, it’s the same food market as on saturdays in Williamsburg (not Smörgasburg!) I bought goat cheese for my father (and I bootlegged it to Germany, whoohoo)

my lunch from the food market (cranberrie bun and raspberry juice)

After schol I went on my own to the Empire State Building =)

It was the perfect time (6.20pm) and I didn’t have to wait, I was up in like 10 minutes (it took me longer to get down the building!) Don’t believe the people on the (my pen’s empty) street trying to sell you tickets, for “you get faster up than anybody else!… Maybe on weekends you have to wait long, but not in the week!

It was amazing, I saw NY in bright light until the stars were appearing! I could be there until the next morning but I had an appointment with Jenny at the Lower East Side. Nevertheless (caution: maths!) I was there for 2 hours, so I paid only $11 per hour :P But it was worth it!

in front of one of my favorite spots: CP :)

with NY sunset in ma face

ok, there you go :)

quiz: which street is this?

I had dinner at Tiengarden (veggie again) and then we went to Arlene’s Grocery in the hope to meet Kate Nash, but she didn’t notice my tweets I send her :P This time I sang “Creep” by RDHD.


Photo of the Day:


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