NY Day 14: August 27th 2011

I am caught in Brooklyn.

just on the other side of the street where I live… the christmas decorations are still/already up

Since 12pm so high noon the subways are all closed, from 5pm on the bridges will be, too. It is raining, but not as much as I expected for a hurricane.

my neighbourhood

The New York Government evacuated people living in Zone A, so Lower Manhatten and so on. We live in none of the zones luckily. I have a new roommate, Madleine from Germany. She is nice and we have some kind of fun together. But it is kind of boring hanging all the time in front of my laptop and do “usless” things.

an old cinema

I want to go outside! But it’s too dangerous :(

this is what panic-buys look like

I chatted with most of the New York friends but also with some friends at home, whom were calming me. I am finally doing some stuff I didn’t have the time for. Organizing fotos I took, writing post cards, writing even into this (but I only had to catch up since thursday). I use my time, I try to…

My panic-buy was like: big pack of oreos, pringles, spaghetti & tomato sauce, microwave popcorn and a can of Heineken beer :)

Photo of the Day:


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