NY Day 13: August 26th 2011

I got up very early for I wanted to go to the Lower East Side & East River Park taking pictures and shooting some movies but I was already too late for the nice morning sun was already too high!

I like the diversity of the picture

Williamsburg Bridge <3

I went to Delcancey Ave to get the J train to Jamaica Centre, yeah I have been to Jamaica, wouldn’t guessed that at all! There I took the R train to get to school. I went with myclass to Coney Island to see the New York Aquarium (I hate Aquariums) but I liked the seahorses!

Then we went to the amusement park and the beach, the others rode the Cyclone, I only watched and took some photographs.

some people forgot to take their photobooth pictures

one <3

I was all alone when I was walking on the shore and even walked the Pier. At this time the lifeguards were already getting people out of the water, for it became too dangerous because of the upcoming hurricane.

Maybe a message in a bottle

My first(!!!) time at the Atlantic Ocean Coast

This stereo on the pier was playing Black Eyed Peas on repeat “whoohoo”

I took the train back to Brooklyn (well I was before, but now I got to my host family), changed and went straight to Manhatten were I waited a long time for the others. When Jenny arrived we went together to Fresh Food Fast and had dinner at 10pm… We also had great shakes- delicious! (Tropical: strawberries with pineapple and yoghurt)

When we met the others at the Counter I got very tired so I just said goodybe to Francesco for he would leave some of the next days (his flight on saturday has been cancelled!), we went to the huge M&M store and got very tired home! And on the subway ride home I made a very very big mistake, I tell you :P

I feel asleep, what was not so good for first, but second I lay my head on a stranger’s shoulder and THIS is a NO GO in a city like New York… Did I tell you, that no one touches another person on the subway in New York or just tries to, no matter how full the train is? If someone accidentally touches someone he instantly excuses or he or she will be in trouble… So when I notice I lay my head down I woke up and excused myself…


Photo of the Day:



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2 responses to “NY Day 13: August 26th 2011

  1. Lu

    Ohhh, wie schön, in dem Freizeitpark wär ich auch gerne gewesen und mit den Fahrgeschäften gefahren! :) Vor allem am Strand, großartig!

  2. oh but I didn’t tell, that Coney Island is a very very dirty beach and actually no fun to lie there on the beach… Another beach near JFK is much better, a insider tipp of a classmate. :)

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