NY Day 12: August 25th 2011

Actually I had a bad & good day today. I woke up at 8am. and I was supposed to be at school at 8:45…I got dressed and got to the subway, I really thought I wouldn’t make it until 9 but I was there just in time, tadaah! I can never, with exceptions of course, be late. Never…

My lunch- Oreo Cookie Cupcake

So I had a rough day for I was pretty tired. Got back to Brooklyn to get rid of some stuff, for me, Jenny & Francesco were going to the Cat Power concert at Webster Hall near Union Square.

The concert was awesome although Cat Power seemed so sick! Poor singer! I feel terrible if a singer is sick but still sings- the show was almost 2 hours long. (The pretty bad thing is: I thought I wasn’t allowed (as always in Germany) not to bring my Nikon camera with me (to shot good photos of Cat Power), but, they didn’t check our bags for ANYTHING… which in my opinion is very strange, for I could (not that I would) bring a gun with me or so… strange…)
After that we went to Dos Toros Taqueria and had late dinner :)


PS: I was so tired and nervous because of Irene the hurricane (thats when I wrote the diary entry) I forgot the half of the day. When I got back to Manhatten in the afternoon I went to the Fashion Institute of Technology to see the museum. It was ok but I’ve seen much more interesting museums about fashion.

I walked through the streets of Chelsea and saw the main post office, Penn Station & Madison Square Garden.

people staring and wiating for their train to come

Photo of the Day:


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