NY Day 10: August 23rd 2011

After school we went to Central Park- we are slowing down and need some rest I think.

The first signs of autumn <3

We’ve seen a 9-year old kid skating on his board and a 11-year old boy playing the ukulele and singing cool songs by the Beatles & Jason Mraz (it was like a mystery: just when I gave him 1 Dollar he began playing Obladi Oblada by The Beatles, just as he read my mind!!!)

The Bethesda Fountain

<3 William

Chiara and Jenny watching the Skyline

We went to Roosevelt Island via Highline (not the Highline but a highline) but it was not that great so we qucikly went back to get to the Cake Shop. First we went to a wrong adress I worte down, it was the adress of the diamondway buddhism centre I wanted to visit another time.

So Cake Shop- Lower East Side, for Chiara was hungry and we had lots of free time until the bans were about to play, we went to Mikey’s where I had my first Rootbeer ever and I think it will be the only one :) The bands at the Cake Shop Julian and the Lopez Dispensers and another band were pretty cool, I liked, obviously, JATLD with the female singer more for it was like California happy sunshine msuic :) I never have seen a band like this before so I was pretty happy for this incident :) And: It was for free! Had a Bud, and that’s it.

Oh, and in the afternoon I showed Jenny the muffin shop I bought a muffin on friday and we had lunch with great slices of cake (choclate fudge!!!) there.


Photo of the Day:

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