NY Day 09: August 22nd 2011

The first day I slept very long although I have been woken up early by my nice flatmates (I hate those guys… Germans!) After showering & breakfast I made my homework and went to s’Nice (Vegetarian and Vegan food) to have a great & delicious carrot muffin with cream on it. Not mentioning the café latte for they have other size-understandings than in Europe.

After school we went to Lower East Side & South Street to watch Williamsburg Bridge & Manhatten Bridge from Manhattens point of view.

We had dinner at Katz’s Delicatessen, actually we wanted to go to Himalaya Café again but on mondays it’s closed. At Katz’s I had Kniffles, they are quared potatoes and they were okay.

The reason we went there was Arlene’s Grocery for the weekly monday nights live Rock’n’Roll Karaoke show… Of course I had to sing up for this opportunity. The other singers where quite good, it was pretty much fun and a “Holy Shit”. When I got on stage singing “London Calling” I first had to find the right height for my voice for Joe sang it really low, but I kinda made it :) It was great fun and many people, also the host of the show, liked it! We have been there until 1:15 am and then went home. Arelene’s is for free on mondays!

Nick & Norah’s Infinate Playlist was set here ;) I made this up.


Photo of the Day:


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