NY Day 08: August 21st 2011

All of us wanted to meet in front of a Gospel Church in Harlem, but onnly me & Jenny showed up, we didn’t attend the service because there was a huge line to get in (I hate the lines here!).

So Jenny and me, it was raining again, went to Union Square to get straight to Dos Toros Taqueria to eat some Quessedillas with cheeeeeeeeeeese :) It’s at the 4th Ave & 13th Street! Pretty good and nice guys who work there.


(In between Harlem and Union Square we have been to the Hard Rock Cafe at Times Square but I forgot to write about it, here are some pictures from the inside)

for Michi- Phoenix- Lisztomania on HR Cafe TV

The restroom with Katy Perry

After that I went to the MET with Francesco, we only payed $1, but also only saw maybe 1 section of this big museum!!! (You always have to pay what you want, it’s donation and the prices showed at the ticket boxes are only suggestions! Just ask if it’s donations, then you can pay whatever you like to!)

What do you notice?
The painting (I think it’s oil…) is in black and white… Uncommon for this time!


After that I walked through Central Park, saw the Alice in Wonderland statue and walked through the rain again… Apple Store (awful- so many people!) and some other shops I went to, but as you know me, I hate “shopping”, I love more the old used stuff in 2nd hand shops or New Yorks architecture…

A glance to the boatshouse- is on strike right now

Centrel Park Zoo



Picture of the Day:

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One response to “NY Day 08: August 21st 2011

  1. Lu

    Uhhh, I didn’t know that there is a statue from Alice in Wonderland. Awesome! And I love your headpiece / fascinator! :) <3

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