NY Day 07: August 20th 2011

Chiara, Jenny, Francesco and me met at the subway station DeKalb Ave for hitting Wialliamsburg walking through several food & flea markets… It was really funny we actually met, because there are so many exits not close to each othher PLUS there is just a second DeKalb Ave station, where you get with another train, but we met ;)

The first food market was  next to a park near subway station Nassau Ave, you could buy there fruits, juices, vegetables, cheese, milk, eggs, just everything you wanted. The people are very friendly (Hi to Katie from Brooklyn) and kind of alternative. This was the first place I saw more than 1 or 2 tattoowed people! There was also a beautiful blue butterfly flying around. I’ve never seen outside a greenhouse one of those!

After this nice market (exactly the same stands are on Tuesday at Union Square, but Williamsburg has more charm!) we went first to a small and then to a big 2nd hand store but not actually the one I wanted to go (when I went the 2nd time to Williamsburg to find this special 2nd hand shop, I still coulnd’t find it and I think it’s closed, for the fashion blog LesMads said, it was on North 6th Street right across the street to American Apperal…)
At the huge store I bought a pair of black Converse All Stars with pink/black checked lining and a pink stripe around the shoe where it is normally black. The second thing I bought was a blue floral dress like a tunika and the collar is to tie up. Even if I liked the small 2nd hand store more I couldn’t find there anything for me.

We visited the artists fleamarket, where have been many cool things but for much too high prizes so I kept on watching and taking pictures.

Smörgåsburg was a cool but also expensive experience with a great view on the Skyline. There you can have lunch, ice cream, somethign to drink and a great time :) I played kind of vegetables Jeopardy: There was a text something about potatoes, that they are originally are from this country blablabla, and OF COURSE I had to know the Question (because at Jeopardy you ask to get the points!), so the question was: what is Peru??? Whohoo ;) I didn’t win anything but laud… (And I had to answer right, or my former flat mate Mac would be very mad at me)
Where was I? Oh yes, I had for lunch a salad with avocado & grapefruit and to drink somethin refreshning with Peppermint.

I had to go back to my host family for my battery of my camera was low and I coulnd’t take any more pictures!!! My personal horror! We had the plan to go to DUMBO and walking over the Brooklyn Bridge when it was dark! So I hurried up to meet the others (it took me about 1,5 hours to get back to them) and when we walked to DUMBO and saw the sun setting behind the skyline we were so happy having our rest there :) It was really incredible and beautiful.

(I only raised the contrast a little bit, it was almost like that when I took it)

So we ended our long day with walking over the Brooklyn Bridge (unfortunately the Brooklyn Side Part was under construction so we coulnd’t take pictures of the whole bridge, for it was very ugly…). There I shot one of my favorite pictures of strangers:

When we got to Manhatten, we took the subway to Chelsea and had Pizza there.


Picture of the Day:

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