NY Day 05: August 18th 2011

I only had about 3 hours of sleep, but it was ok, ignoring the fact me couldn’t talk any english sentence which makes any sense! (and even this one here makes none!)

So I went to school and had to find out my favorite teacher so far, Nicole, is leaving school =( Besides she loves my essay ;). After school I met the others at the MoMA and we finally visited it!

I joined Jenny to walk across the building for she lost the others before we met. The great thin at the MoMA is: You are allowed tot ake pictures without using the flash! But that’s great… I mean it’s nothing in comparison to the originals but you can remember what you saw and which artists you have to look up again at home.

Picasso’s Girl with Mandoline (I instantly fell in love with)

my favorite: the definition of definition

I saw the Golden Marilyn by Andy Warhol, The Girl With Ball by Roy Lichtenstein, strange things by Joseph Beuys and van Gogh, Dali, Picasso… :) On the 3rd floor was my favorite exhibition “Hello World” the communication between people and technology. On this floor were so many cool things but the best wa: You were able to type into a computer your “Hometown” (actually I think only American or Canadian cities are available….) So I typed in “Homewood” in Illinois and then it began: a video installation with Arcade Fire music in the background began, it was a video with many angles and views but from the same moment and it always changed and switched and so on… And then: I first saw Homewood from up above and then I made a journey through the streets via google streetview… It was awesome and beautiful, especially with the music. And I think if you watch your Hometown with this music, you will definately get goose flesh.

In the sculpture garden played a great band, we could take there a 2 hours rest :) After MoMA we went to the Lower Eastside (one of my favorite areas!!!) to go to the Himalya Café for dinner.

It was so delicious, healthy and feeding me up =) I had something with potatoes and a Mango Lassi. When I wanted to go home (before we watched the streets around there- great place!)

Me: Wow, this tastes like chicken, although it’s Tofu
Francesco: You haven’t eaten chicken for a long time ;) – It doesn’t

I love eating with chopsticks!

The Menu:

I had a real Odyssey… Forgot to get off the train 3(!!!) times so I had to wait and change and so on and in this chaos I think I lost my notebook with all my notes from school! Great! But I have been to Coney Island in the night!!!

Every bad thing has it’s shiny side, more about that the next day!


Picture of the Day:

(squarish is the new black & white!!!)

(I will definately make an extra post on the MoMA, but after the whole NY diary)


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