NY Day 03: August 16th 2011

We had our first classes, my Academic Skills class is really fun, we are writing and writing and writing!!!

After school I met the others, Trini(Spain), Chiara, Francesco, Stephano(Italy) and Jenny in front of the MoMA. Because of the rain we wanted to go there but the rain had gone! So we changed plans!

We took the train to Downtown and visited China Town, Little Italy, the Mahayana Buddhist Temple (took a fortune cookie and it matches so well to me!! It was awesome: Do not kill sea lives, animals or birds, but eat all vegetables and bean curds, and save food bills, hopefully, by two thirds.)

We also went to the Final District, Wall Street, Federal Hall, The Charging Bull, almost shot a movie about Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed and a Rhabbi. In front of the Federal Hall with the George Washington statue we changed our New York guides, so I had the italian version and chiara had the german. We read out loud the description in the other language which was quite fun, for I can’t speak a word italian and Chiara can speak a little german :)

Finally watched the sun setting down at the Hudson River at Battery Park, which was so beautiful! And there I saw the Statue of Liberty for the first time! Amazing!

When it was dark we also tried to look at Ground Zero but somehow we didn’t really make it!

[10 years ago this sculpture “The Sphere” by Fritz Koenig stood between the Twin Towers and has been damaged during 9/11. It will return maybe in a few days or when everything at Ground Zero is finished. It is a symbol of world peace. It was placed to Battery Park in March 2002 and the Eternal Flame besides on September 11 2002 “in honor of all who were lost. Their spirit and sacrifice will never be forgotten.” (Actually at this point we didn’t know this, because we didn’t read the sign)]

So far so good!


PS: A nice guy on the street was asking if he could help us and another guy on the subway said he likes my Tattoo (in fact in NY people are barely tattooed (well in Williamsburg they are at least) and I watched with him Cowboys vs. Aliens on his laptop.

Picture of the Day:

@China Town


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One response to “NY Day 03: August 16th 2011

  1. Lu

    Seeing the Statue of Liberty for the first time must have been breathtaking! :)

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