NY Day 02: August 15th 2011

10 years have passed so fast… 10 years ago I was in grade nine and on vacation with my class, we visited Trier this day and we coulnd’t believe what happened in New York this day… My classmates and me were supposed to go for 4 weeks to the USA, I think it was like 2-4 days Chicago 3 weeks Wisconsin at host families and school and finishing our trip 2-4 days New York… Our plane would have taken off September 19th and it never happened unfortunately.
9/11 was like a terrible scene out of a horror movie or a Science Fiction Drama… Talking about 9/11 is always making me a little nervous and sad, but what happened after that is even more horrible…

So on this special day I do not only think about New York and the Twin Towers and the people who died and the people who lost beloved persons but also of the people being involved in a war between religions and states who were actually innoscent people but being haunted… All people involved in this war still suffer (the soldiers sent away from their families and the civilists), war isn’t over yet…
But imagine people living life in peace…

“I got up at 6.30am on my vacation, what a shame, but it is seriously ok  =) So, I had breakfast bought a 7-day metro card for $29 and took the Q train to Times Square. When we hit Manhatten via Manhatten Bridge and I saw the Skyline for the first time I have been so overwhelmed, it almost (in deed it did) took my breath away. (A man was so friendly to switch places with me, so I could have a better view!!!)

Getting off the subway and looking for the 1450 building, no problem to find. When we got to the 14th floor (my flatmate and me) I directly found Jennifer, a nice girl from Göttingen/Germany. I met her yesterday at the airport while we were waiting for our shuffle service to our host families. Had the level test in class and got into Upper Intermediate but we had no class on monday. So we went outside with two italians:  Chiara and Francesco, they are really fun.

We went to Times Quare, had lunch (broccholi cheddar soup!) in an organic restaurant somewhere nearby. Hit the 5th Ave and went straight to the New York Library to become a real New Yorker!

“A good Booke is the pretious lifeblood of a master spirit, imabml’d and treasur’d up on purpose to a life beyond life”

Because of the rain we went to the Grand Central Terminal, in former times it must have been awesome! Now it is nice but I remember the old pictures… And nothing compares to that!

We split because Jennifer and I went to Macy’s to get Jennifer several stuff. Before we got to Macy’s we walked by the Empire State Building and made some pictures with us :P

while we were waiting for the rain to become less…

So far for day number two.

PS: Jennifer’s dad told her, the rain yesterday was the heaviest in 100 years and as I looked up some pictures I wondered if I am in the same city… It looked horrible and very, let’s say, wet!”

Photo of the Day:


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  1. Lu

    I love the writer’s quotes on the floor I already saw in your dropbox file! <3

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