Last days in Brownsilence

Before I start talking about New York I have to end another chapter: Braunschweig(Brunswick) the heart of lower saxony in Germany as I want to call it. I found many friends there and had to leave them, too.

I have been there for one year and this time is now lying behind me, if I think about it, I become a little sad for not seeing my good friends anymore, but I am still happy, to know them and this is more important than missing them ;)

Yesterday when I just looked through the theatre tickets of last year I counted 27(!!!) plays, operas and whatever I saw in the last season!!! This is great, I think this will be my record I will never ever beat again…

So, here are some pictures of my last days in Braunschweig, I pimped them with the Poladriod again ;) I love this programme.

Miss you, girls xx
Thank you so much for helping me moving out!!!

The wonderful Burgplatz:


part of the Berlin Wall:

first signs of autumn <3:

lockers on a bridge

This way up to Sonnendeck Sued:

sitting on the parking lots rooftops at Sonnendeck Sued with Michi and Lena:

the best pizza I’ve ever made :)

only a part of my books:

The last evening: It’s my party, and I cry if I want to!

we have only been at two places (merz and lindbergh palace) but we changed for about 5-6 times :D

last time at Erna & Käthe, I miss their frozen yoghurt so much!!!

Sunflowers for all! But please don’t pluck them!

The most beautiful building in Braunschweig- NOT! BUT the last time Vapiano, and it wasn’t with Olivia, Claudia, Alicija and Beate.

The last morning view from Alex’s window, I slept at her place, because my bed was already gone.

MY empty room:

me sitting on the floor and blogging some pictures :P

that’s it. Full car again, and there are new adventures for me and Justus Jonas to be experienced again :)

PS: For those of you, who are interested to know, which plays I saw at the Staatstheater Braunschweig, here you go: (chronological order)

1. Generalprobe “Der Freischütz”, Burgplatz
2. Hauptprobe “Ein Volksfeind”
3. Lady Macbeth von Mzensk
4. Die Dreigroschenoper
5. Erdmöbel (die Band)
6. Miss Sara Sampson-
7. Mars
8. Pünktchen und Anton
9. Sinfoniekonzert mit dem Stummfilm Metropolis
10. bebilderte töne/vertonte bilder
11. Die Fledermaus
12. Die Wahlverwandschaften
13. Lebensansichten zweier Hunde
14. Lucia die Lammermoor
15. Carmen
16. Inga und Lutz
17. A midsummernight’s Dream
18. Final Fiction
19. Carmen- High School Opera
20. der einfluss des menschen auf den mond
21. Lebensansichten zweier Hunde (es war einfach zu gut!!!)
22. Generalprobe “Fleisch ist mein Gemüse”
23. Medea
24. Don Giovanni
25. Schlachthof 5
26. Springinsfeld!
27. Corpus Delicti


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