I am back… And I wanna go back

Hey dear blog readers, hi friends!

How are you, how was the rest of your August? I know, actually I participated the 30 day photo challenge, but first I had no time for this anymore and second, I was bored, sorry… But I didn’t find the themes very challenging…

So, I am back from New York, I had a really good time. I met so many great people I am gonna miss very much :( But hopefully we’ll meet again one day :P

In the next few weeks I will tell about the time, the people, the places and show you “some” (means a lot!) of photos I shot.

Sadly my series of “taken by a stranger” didn’t work out as I wanted, because I used to forget to ask people for taking pictures, haha… That is so typical…

So, have a great rest weekend,

See you soon :)


Just look upwards to the sky, there is always a star to guide you to where you belong, even if the clouds may try to stop you, you just need to look a little closer…


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