Photochallenge Days 16-20

Hey girls and boys,

I know I have been off for quiet a while and not posting any pictures for the photo challenge, but here I go again… I took many photos since my arrival in New York… about 1000 :P So I looked through them and picked out, what fits to the topics, I hope you’ll enjoy and please leave a comment… It is such a great time here and I don’t want to leave in about 2 weeks :(

Day 16: What I ate...
The first lunch I had was around Times Square…  You can get there organic, fresh and healthy food and it is very delicious. I took a broccholi cheddar soup, which was very good (not as good as my own, but quiet good!)

Day 17: On The Shelf
I like the plasters you can get here in America :) Shall I bring some for someone at home?

Day 18: In My Bag
Actually this Lomography camera is since yesterday in my bag, but it’s the same… It is the horizontal actionsampler and I’m very curious what comes out of it :) And I don’t got the special edition but a blue one.

Day 19: Where I slept
This is my bed right now

Day 20: What I read
On my first day in New York I became a real New Yorker: I got a member card of the New York Library(and this is where I shot the photo)… Right now I’m reading The Nanny Diaries (set in NY, too)…



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2 responses to “Photochallenge Days 16-20

  1. jasmin

    ich will die hello kitty pflaster!:-)

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