Photo Challenge Day 15: My Shoes

Actually they are not my shoes, but I want to have them so badly (and if you know me a little bit, I am not into shoes that much!!!) I guess you can really go fast with them :) Or even fly.




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3 responses to “Photo Challenge Day 15: My Shoes

  1. omg, they are gorgeous!!!

  2. Lu

    Boah, die sind ja großartig!!!! Kauf sie!!!! Schreib mir unbedingt mal auf Facebook! :) Will hören wie es so ist! :) Hab mich nicht getraut auf Deine SMS zu antworten, sonst kostet so ne SMS nach New York am Ende vielleicht noch 5€. ;D

    • i dont want to go to facebook and you can check how much it will cost you for a text… i dont have the time and i dont want to waste so much time on the internet if you understand, sorry dear but facebook sucks right now these days!!!

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