Photo Challenge Days 13 & 14

I am behind again with the photo challenge, and I have to admit, that I am not that sure, if I can handle it while I’m in New York. Yes, as you might guess, I finally hit the town… Everything went good, I am very tired… up since 19 hours and I have to go to sleep now (here it is 7.30 am, haha)

On my flight I watched 3 movies: Sucker Punch (oh my god is this one cool!), Paul (oh my goodness is this new Simon Pegg and Nicholas Frost movie awesome [like 3 tits…just watch the movie!]) and Soul Surfer (oh my highness is this “I don’t want to show my tears on a plane” good one…)

Day 13: From a Distance

I am not quoting this aweful song…

Day 14: Flowers

Mhhhh, I like flowers, but I mostly think that pictures of flowers are boring… So, this flower is actually my tattoo- first picture of me in NYC :P



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2 responses to “Photo Challenge Days 13 & 14

  1. oooh, cool tattoo! Always wanted to go to NY..what are you going to do there?:)

  2. haha, you just quoted a song of mine :P I participate a language course, starting tomorrow in the morning :)

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