Songwriter Competition

Hello everyone!

I know at the time I’m posting very much and you don’t really have the chance for a rest ;) But I promise, in the next weeks it will be less, because I won’t have much time to write (I try to post the photos for the 30 day photo challenge but that depends…)

So, here’s the clue: As some of you know I am into music with my project Mary Jane Insane, I’m writing my own songs and play the guitar guitar and some other instruments… Although I have another blog for this, it is not visited as much as this one, so I’m writing here, cuz I need(!!!) your opinion… I want to participate to a german sonwriter competition and for that I have to send them 3 songs of me. You have to decide, which ones I should take… You can write comments here or directly on soundcloud, it will help me very much!

Here’s the link to my soundcloud page:

And here’s the link to my facebook page, where you can also listen to the songs:


And what I am still asking myself: Where do I have to stop mixing my privat me with my music me, if you understand what I mean…


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