Photo Challenge Day 10: Something I Made

So, this is quite hard, for I make very much myself… I am a dressmaker for female and now for male wardrobe, too, so I sew much. I am also painting and crafting and whatever… So I decided to show something I made just about a week ago: crown cap earrings. My friend Lu made me one pair of Astra (northern german beer) for my birthday and I really love them <3 So I decided when I found one crown cap with a humming bird on it by a river to make earrings out of it… But how to find out, what kind of drink this is? Ecosia (or google)… So I found out it is a new “alcopop” called Bayao… it should be beer with caiprinha flavor… I tell you, it is so sweet and disgusting, you don’t need to try I did for you :D So when I had two of them I made earrings, this is the result:

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