Photo Challenge Day 8 & 9

I don’t know what was going on on my blog yesterday… So many klicks, ans almost 150 article calls… that is amazing :)

So, now I’m up to date today for the photo challenge, Day 8 with technology and day 9 with faceless selfportrait are about to come below. Finally I made it- moving out of my flat and driving to my parents, where I am staying until my flight (hopefully the air traffic controller won’t strike!!!) to New York.

Day 8: Technology

Yesterday, when I drove back home from a secret show of the british band The Miserable Rich I thought about our topic of the day technology and shot with my mobile a picture of my speedometer (this is a cool word!). When I looked at it this morning, I wondered, why it is mirror inverted… I still can’t tell :)

Day 9: Faceless selfportrait

Faceless is german for Faithless (because we germans can’t speak the TH… haha), so I took 2 old pictures, the 1st I shot myself in a on a floor lying mirror (here I do know why it is mirror inverted) and the 2nd one is a picture of my old room, so a selfportrait with no face…


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