Photo Challenge Day 3: Clouds

Sitting on roofstops, watching birds fly, sun setting and airplanes crossing the clouds, leaving condensationtrails, the tops of churches (even if I’m not religious I like them) Watching the evening sky or a bright summer sky- if you watch carefully, you can always find an elephant in the sky <3

I decided to take the photos from the Sonnenseite Sued I shot yesterday evening, because they are so pretty :)




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4 responses to “Photo Challenge Day 3: Clouds

  1. Pretty! You got some clouds where you live!

    • I can tell you, even if there’s a very hot day like to day (cloudless) you just need to wait and then some hours later there comes a storm :) I love Germany <3

  2. pretty!^^

    Sounds interesting, i’ll be back to read it ;D

  3. ooo i love your clouds!!!

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