Photo Challenge Day 2~ What I Wore

So, as I told you yesterday I’m feeling unwell at the moment (but I feel much better than yesterday). Since I haven’t gone out of bed today (until now for going jogging) I only wore a shirt by a music label by Ingo Donot aka Knollmann and training trousers ;)

and what I have to admit, I don’t really like what I wore photos, when I’m shooting photos from myself I show clothes I made… Once I posted what I wore and it was like lying these clothes including shoes in front of me on my floor and taking a picture from above ;)

edit: Ok, so that I went out for a drink on Sonnendeck Süd with two of my friend I had to dress up a little bit, so you can see the result right here:



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3 responses to “Photo Challenge Day 2~ What I Wore

  1. Very good for jogging!! Glad you are feeling better today :)

  2. I love tshirts! I would wear them all the time if I could. :) And I do love that cardigan you were wearing as well. Very cute!

    • hey thanks :)
      i love this cardigan too, I dont know if you can see the two swallos and beneath theres a banner with “destroy”, I really like that kind of humour :) so i quickly tell where I got these things from…
      cardigan with swallows: a market in dublin (sorry can’t really remember which)
      red t-shirt: beatsteaks (german band) merchandise
      folklore skirt: fleamarket, wiesbaden
      I <3 mixtapes bag by myself

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