photo challenge day 1~ self portrait


This is my first photo for the photochallenge by cherrie, it is self-portrait… and because I still have got a cold I am wearing a scarf in SUMMER(!!!)[well but by the way it is still a bit too cold for August the first]
Shot the photo with my Nikon D40 (as I always do) and used the poladroid application on my pc, I will do the same with the other pictures.



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7 responses to “photo challenge day 1~ self portrait

  1. Lu

    So hübsch siehst Du aus!!

  2. Love the first photo! Thanks for joining in!

  3. Adorable :) Where do you live? We have nearly 100 degree temps here in WV!

  4. Thanks! ;D

    Do you live in Berlin?:)
    Really cool door you’ve found!:D

    • No, actually I live in Braunschweig, about , 2,5 hours away from Berlin, so not so far, but funny you’re asking, because I just shot a piece from The Berlin Wall yesterday across the street from the “cool door”… The door belongs to the old residence of Heinrich The Lion I think… But there are so many old and rebuilt buildings…

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