29-April-2009: Hey, Johnny (Park)

ich weiß, ich glaube ich hab diese Überschrift schon einmal verwendet, ist mir doch Wurscht!
ich hab sehr lange nichts mehr hier rein geschrieben, was mir auch Leid tut… Aber: Pech gehabt… hab einen weiteren Blog, den aber nur geladene Leser lesen dürfen (und die, die den Link entdeckt haben)

So, jetzt aber zu meiner Überschrift, es folgt ein kleiner Brief:

Dear Johnny Depp,

My name is MJ, I come from Germany and I like you, your movies and your characters, but that’s not the point, I’m writing to you.
I saw the Academy Awards this year in the ending and again I was very overwhelmed… The actors and actresses, the directors, musicians… I really knew when I saw all of it, I belong there! Not in the middle of a spotlight, but somewhere in the background, somewhere on the stairs or so.
I’d like you to ask, how you got there… I want so badly to go there, I’d nearly do anything for it!
Did you pay any money to get there? If so, could you lend me some? I am not that rich, I could spend some money to get into the Academy, unfortunately ;)

So, dear Johnny Depp… If you liked my letter and my wish, please send me some money, for I could get to the next Academy Awards and I promise you, to drink some sweet wine or beer with you, to thank you very deeply.


PS: I already got a dress, so you don’t need to worry!


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